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Tutors: Chrissie Juno Mann

Chrissie has an MA in Restoration and Conservation of the Decorative Arts. In the past she has worked on restoring two English Sleeping Chairs (c.1600) from the Palace of Holyrood, as part of the Royal Collection. She has also worked as a Freelance Restorer for Titan's Studio in London who specialise in the decorative arts. 

Chrissie has a passion for the traditional arts and crafts that run alongside the cultural heritage of the British Isles. Her embroidery work focuses primarily on the natural environment. Living in the New Forest, she is able to draw great inspiration from the beautiful countryside that surrounds her.

Upcoming courses by Chrissie Juno Mann

Date Course Title
17/02/2018 Introduction to Embroidery: 'Fruit on a Plate - Apple or Pear' - Hampton Court View