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Tutors: Deborah Wilding

Deborah graduated from the RSN Future Tutors Programme with distinction is based at RSN Bristol, teaching Certificate & Diploma and Day Classes. She also teaches for the RSN across the UK and works on various RSN Studio projects.

During 2015 Deborah was chosen as an artist working as part of the “Shaun in the City” project with her sculpture (Ruffles).  After a number of exhibitions around the country, the sculpture was auctioned to raise money for the Aardman Grand Appeal.

Deborah will be teaching at the RSN USA Summer School in Lexington, Kentucky in 2018. 

Upcoming courses by Deborah Wilding

Date Course Title
02/06/2018 Bespoke Embroidery: Inspired by 1800s Baby Shoes - Fashion Museum Bath View
16/06/2018 Bespoke Embroidery: Inspired by 1902 Coronation Glove - Fashion Museum Bath View
18/08/2018 Bespoke Embroidery: Inspired by Queen Mary's Evening Dress - Fashion Museum Bath View
15/09/2018 Bespoke Embroidery: Inspired by Jane Austen Handkerchief - Fashion Museum Bath View