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Tutors: Heather Lewis

Heather's passion for embroidery began at a very young age; training at a fashion house in Yorkshire before graduating from the RSN Apprenticeship. Heather has taught embroidery for the RSN at various locations in the UK and the United States. She currently teaches on the RSN Certificate, Diploma and on Day Classes.

Heather particularly enjoys Goldwork and ecclesiastical embroidery and after graduating she worked in the RSN Studio where she continues to assist on a variety of projects. There she has worked on a diverse range of commissions including a new altar frontal for The Royal Anglian Regimental Chapel in Essex and the Dover Castle hangings for the re-presentation of the Great Tower.  

Upcoming courses by Heather Lewis

Date Course Title
23/07/2017 Introduction to Ribbonwork - Hampton Court View
31/07/2017 Design & Stitch Goldwork - Hampton Court View
05/08/2017 Whitework: Floral Monogram - Hampton Court View
06/08/2017 Introduction to Goldwork - Hampton Court View
09/10/2017 Introduction to Church Vestments - Stole - Hampton Court View
05/11/2017 Stumpwork Poppy Corsage - Hampton Court View
12/11/2017 Mounting Your Embroidery - Hampton Court View