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The Royal School of Needlework is home to an amazing 60,000 unique and priceless embroidery pieces capturing the passion for embroidery throughout history.  From intricate artwork on clothes, textiles and designs to its development documented through papers, books and photos, the items have been collected and donated from all over the world.

Enthusiasts are able to have a rare insight to this special collection by attending a Collection Study Day at Hampton Court Palace. 

Access to the RSN Collection is currently limited and we are actively seeking sponsorship to enable us to catalogue these embroideries, textiles and designs and in the future make them accessible online.  However, it is possible to have an insight into the Collection by attending an RSN Talk & Tour or a Saturday Study Talk & Tour.

In our collection

Silk slippers

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For enquiries about the RSN Collection and archive contact:

Jane Hitchinson
T: +44 (0)20 3166 6936


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