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RSN Certificate & Diploma in Technical Hand Embroidery


The RSN’s Certificate & Diploma in Technical Hand Embroidery (C&D) is taught at our base at Hampton Court Palace in south west London, as well as at our UK satellite centres in Bristol, Rugby, Durham and Glasgow and internationally in Japan and the USA.

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Course Structure
The Certificate concentrates on core techniques and the Diploma develops these skills, taking them to the next level. The courses offer a flexible structure throughout the academic year so are perfect for anyone with family or work constraints. Specific days can be selected and there are Intensive Courses during the summer at most RSN centres. The course is done either by a day to day basis, and is flexible for students, although we do not do half days anymore so please be aware when booking.

Classes are taught by our team of expert Tutors, each with a minimum of three years professional training at the RSN. These courses enable you to develop solid skills and become part of a long tradition of maintaining the highest standards in hand embroidery. C&D students use their skills to work on private and public commissions including community textile projects, work for churches, cathedrals and religious buildings, as designer/makers, and in fashion.

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RSN Certificate in Technical Hand Embroidery
The Certificate course introduces you to the core techniques of hand embroidery and is designed so that you develop and progress with confidence. The techniques you will study are Jacobean Crewelwork, Silk Shading, Basic Goldwork and either Canvas Stitches or Blackwork. You will need enthusiasm and commitment but no previous experience of embroidery is needed as our Tutors will guide you through every step of your journey. An Individual Learning Plan will be designed to suit your requirements and you will follow the syllabus at your own pace with lots of individual tuition.

RSN Diploma in Technical Hand Embroidery

The Diploma course progresses upon successful completion of the Certificate course and gives you the opportunity to further develop your skills and increase your knowledge. The techniques you will study are Applique, Advanced Silk Shading, Advanced Goldwork, Canvas Stitches or Blackwork followed by a choice of two further modules. These include Stumpwork, Whitework, Canvas Shading and Quilting.


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