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Embroidery techniques explained

Embroidery can be used as an artistic medium in its own right and to embellish items of beauty and practical use.  The wide variety of techniques can be used in traditional and contemporary designs adding detail and focus. 

There’s traditional goldwork used for centuries to symbolise wealth and power; delicate whitework for weddings, christenings and formal household linens; crewelwork with the Jacobean style bringing design traditions from Asia; blackwork seen as a costume decoration of status in 16th century portraits and still used today for dramatic effects in portraiture; and numerous other techniques for creative and imaginative use.

We offer courses in a wide variety of these techniques and for further information click on the following:-

GoldworkBlackworkJacobean Crewelwork; CanvasworkWhitework
Silk ShadingStumpwork (Raised work)


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