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Day Classes


Whether you’re a complete beginner or have years of experience, we offer you over 160 courses including 45 NEW classes across 5 venues (Hampton Court Palace throughout the year; on fixed dates in Exeter, Bristol, Rugby and Glasgow). We’re sure you will find classes to develop your embroidery skills or inspire you to try something new.

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•    Tuition from RSN trained tutors
•    Classes available for all abilities
•    Opportunity to meet like-minded people in a friendly learning environment
•    1 & 2 day classes at weekends
•    3, 4 & 5 day classes held over consecutive weekends or during holidays   
•    Regular course updates and additional courses added online
•    Class times 10am to 4pm

I love attending Day Classes and I'll continue to do so, it's such an honour and thrill to travel to the RSN and learn such traditional skills across all types of embroidery. When I run out of courses hopefully you'll have thought of some more!
Mrs Lloyd, Hampshire

Which course do I choose?
To help you choose the right course we’ve given our classes different categories for various levels of ability:-
B Beginners – suitable if you are a complete beginners or a little ‘rusty’
D Developing – if you have some experience/knowledge or have already attended an Introduction class in the technique
A Advanced – if you have experience in the technique and are looking to develop your skills and perfect your technique
M Mixed ability – these are suitable for all abilities as the design can often be adapted to meet your level of experience

Click here for our September-August 2016 Day Class Brochure

Click here for our March-December 2016 Day Class Brochure

NEW Course kit costs included: From September 2015 onwards we have added the cost of your course kit onto your class booking fee and you'll see the kit cost clearly on the class description.  So, once you are on your class you'll be able to concentrate on enjoying and learning embroidery without distraction and you won't have to pay for anything else other than any shop items you choose to buy!  This new process also helps us streamline our administrative processes across all our satellite teaching centres. 

Additional classes & spaces: Please keep visiting the website for news of additional classes throughout the year and classes are subject to change.  If the class you want to book is shown as full, we may have a waiting list or offer an additional class in this technique.  We also have a number of spaces reserved for postal and telephone bookings so if you are unable to book online contact Noleen Wyatt-Jones  or T: +44(0)20 3166 6938 (9.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday)